Gather fruits and vegetables at the Rainbow Market and bring them home, or to the Rainbow Pizza restaurant. Create healthy pizzas and put them into the adobe-style oven. Remember, eating different colored fruits and vegetables each day can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Eat a Rainbow Every Day!

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Healthy Resources from Kaiser Permanente:

Healthy Pizza Ideas:

Stealth Sauce: Having a hard time getting vegetables behind enemy lines? Try this secret formula:
Tomato Sauce + veggies+ blender = a healthy vegetable invasion

Hide and Seek: These vegetables are great at hiding! You won’t see them at first glance because they’re under the cheese. So delicious, you’ll want to shout!

Post-Pizza Purple: Having trouble getting purple on your pizza? Have a bowl of berries for dessert!

Dessert Pizza: Top a flour tortilla or a pita with a light cream cheese spread, and add fruit in a rainbow of colors.

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Rainbow Market Press Release

Moving the Model A car from Step into the Past to Rainbow Pizza and Market (Press Release | YouTube video)



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Rainbow Pizza and Market Exhibit Guide (K - Grade 3)


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