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Visual Scores: Art Meets Music

December 3rd, 2013 through
February 9th, 2014

Visual Scores features artwork created by fifty-one youth artists from the Art4Schools program of the Community School of Music & Arts (CSMA). A dynamic collection of sculpture, collage, and mixed media works, this show creatively explores visual representations of music-making.

CSMA's in-school programs serve over 15,000 students at 30+ schools in Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties. Learn more about CSMA's music & art education opportunities at

About the Art Gallery

To honor children's artwork and inspire appreciation for art in young people, Children's Discovery Museum hosts a children's art gallery in the upstairs hallway between the elevator and the Art Loft

The Art Gallery space displays art created by children and youth, by adult artists working in collaboration with children, and by professionals who explore topics of relevance to children and their families.  Self-guided exploration of the Art Gallery offers children the chance to develop and refine aesthetic perception, make connections between works of art and everyday life, and make reasoned judgments about visual art.

Museum staff curates and develops Art Gallery exhibitions, showcasing work created in its own visual arts programs and collaborating with partner organizations and individuals to display exemplary work made by children and adults in other settings.  The Museum exhibits work by beginning artists as well as artists whose work has already been recognized internationally.  The Museum welcomes unsolicited proposals for Art Gallery exhibitions.  Please note that, due to the volume of proposals received, there is no guarantee that a proposal submitted for review will result in an Art Gallery exhibition.  To submit a proposal, please contact the Arts Educator, at Specific size requirements are critical.

Tracey Heymann Wing: Grand Opening

Honoring Tracey Heymann, former Art Loft intern, the gallery space between the Art Loft and The Wonder Cabinet has been renovated, thanks to generous contributions to the Heymann Memorial Fund. This space is dedicated to showcasing the creative work of children.


Through exhibitions of schools and youth organizations, the Museum celebrates art created locally.  Since February, 2000, CDM has displayed numerous exhibitions from a variety of sources, such as, public and private elementary schools, youth organizations, local professional artists, and its own Museum programs.

The Art Gallery space allows children to respond to works of art, giving them exposure to someone else’s view of the world.  By discussing those works with parents and peers, children understand that people can react differently to the same piece of art and learn that artists have many different reasons for creating art.  They can compare the ideas represented in the Art Gallery with those represented in their own artwork and adopt new ideas for communicating their own view of the world.

Art Gallery exhibitions encourage children to investigate how different individuals, groups, and cultures express themselves through the visual arts.  The shows honor many different interpretations of art, inviting inspection and discussion.  When children reflect on this diversity of art and artists, they incorporate new ideas into their own work and expand the boundaries of their creations.



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