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Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose's exhibit development team has created interactive exhibitions that you can bring to your museum.


Whether pushing on the pins to leave their handprint or to write "Joe was here," the tactile feel of a pinscreen appeals to visitors young and old alike.

Our unique design of pins, caps, and perforated plastic screen has resulted in an easier-to-maintain exhibit. Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose is selling these new custom designed components.

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Gear Up!

An instant favorite for your exhibit floor

  • Increase math skills while introducing visitors to the basics of mechanical engineering.
  • Promote family interaction through a colorful and finger-friendly experience.
  • Fascinate any age group with a modern spin on a classic design.

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Out on a Limb

Out on a Limb

Out on a Limb, adventures with nature and art, a 1200 square foot interactive exhibit, immerses visitors in an imaginative environment, where they learn about ways to explore nature by playing in a tree house, throwing leaves in the wind, or listening to the sounds of bird calls and rainstorms. Designed to help children approach the natural world with a sense of curiosity and a spirit of adventure, the exhibit also elicits beloved memories from adult visitors of the hours they spent playing outdoors as children - providing a unique bonding experience for visitors of all ages.

Natural environments vary greatly from community to community, so Out on a Limb encourages visitors to use their eyes, ears, nose, and fingers as the fundamental tools for exploring the world just outside their doors. The exhibit provides a "Community Treehouse" and is presented in English and Spanish.

Out on a Limb


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Alice's Wonderland

Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose is pleased to offer a traveling exhibition based on Lewis Carroll's classic, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

With inspiration from Alice the intrepid explorer, the exhibition inspires curiosity, encourages exploration, and helps make the unknown more familiar, maybe even logical, and certainly fun.

Book Alice's Wonderland for your museum today.

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Secrets of Circles

Psst!... did you know?????

Circles are pretty amazing shapes. If you look around, you’ll see that they’re everywhere: wheels, clocks, doorknobs, tortillas, Frisbees, tops.

This exciting new exhibit, celebrating the math, science, and beauty of such a simple shape, helps children and adults alike to uncover the secrets of the many circles in the world.

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Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose

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Alice's Wonderland
Winner of the American Association of Museum's 2003 Award of Excellence for Exhibit Design