FoodShed Food Standards

At Children’s Discovery Museum, we are committed to providing wholesome, nutritious, and, most importantly, delicious food for all our visitors.

We believe that a smart diet is a balanced diet – one that focuses on whole, fresh, and seasonal foods that are minimally processed, low in added sugars, and free from additives, chemicals, and artificial ingredients. We also believe that eating is a communal, fun, engaging and enjoyable act, and that a balanced approach to food includes both everyday deliciousness and the occasional, well-portioned treat. Below are our guiding principles for food and procurement. This is a living document which evolves along with the increasing access to and awareness of higher-quality foods. We invite you to consider them, discuss them, and see if and how they do – or can – reflect your own food decisions for yourself and your family.

Printable Version of the FoodShed Food Standards (.pdf)

Guiding Principles

Food Specific Standards