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Emotional Regulation and Your Child

Children who can manage and regulate their emotions tend to be more resilient and are better at problem-solving than their peers who struggle with modulating their emotions. So how can we set our kids up for success?

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Tomato-y Family Fun!

Happy September! When most people hear September, it evokes in their mind’s eye autumn — cool breezes, warm knit sweaters, crunchy leaves and hot cocoa. But it’s still summertime; September has twice as many summer days as June. And most importantly, it is still TOMATO SEASON! Here at the museum’s FoodShed cafe, we develop recipes inspired by what we grow in Bill’s Backyard, our half-acre outdoor playspace that features a 500 square foot garden. Get your little ones involved in the cooking process, and enjoy!

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Book to School We Go!

We know that the first day of school can induce some anxiety in children. We find that books can harness the power of imagination to help quell those fears and smooth the summer-to-school transition. Here’s a list of our seven favorite back-to-school books to share with your little ones!

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