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Book to School We Go!

We know that the first day of school can induce some anxiety in children. We find that books can harness the power of imagination to help quell those fears and smooth the summer-to-school transition. Here’s a list of our seven favorite back-to-school books to share with your little ones!

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Easy At-Home Activities to Inspire Your Child’s Curiosity and Creativity

Looking for something to do with your kids today? Maybe you don’t have to leave home to surprise and delight your young learner. You probably have plenty of supplies right at your fingertips that you can use to embark on a fun afternoon of exploration and art.

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Parenting for a Healthy Brain

What if we were taught early on to treat our brain as a muscle? Mental push-ups, cranial crunchers, cerebellum sit-ups. Well, not quite. But renowned Stanford psychologist and best-selling author Carol Dweck would like us to think differently about this vital organ. The brain is a pattern-seeking device and like a physical muscle, the more we use it the stronger it gets.

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