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Cultivating Perseverance: Five Ways to Help Build Your Child’s Perseverance

Kids of all ages naturally follow the scientific process as they learn about the world. They ask questions, fixate on their chosen topic, make guesses about why things work the way they do, and test those hypotheses. But sometimes they stumble on the path to forming their conclusions. Here’s five ways to cultivate your child’s perseverance.

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Volunteering as a Family Has Many Rewards

Did you know that the phrase – ‘it’s better to give than receive’ is really true? Research shows that volunteering is good for your brain and your overall health and well-being. We suggest that it’s good for your family, too. This month we explore the many benefits of volunteering together as a family.

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Happy 100th Anniversary of Children’s Book Week

We’re excited to celebrate this children’s literacy initiative. We see how much joy reading can give kids and their families, and we believe books have the power to change lives and the world. So we decided to ask some of our co-workers to share their favorite childhood book. Check out what they had to say!

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