Science Exploration Themes

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Engineering Everywhere – NEW FOR 2020

From our homes and workplaces to the wilds of the outdoors, engineering is everywhere! Create 3D objects just like a 3D printer and store a note to a friend “in the cloud”. Learn how to code a solution to a maze and how your artwork is sent over a mini internet. Locate a tagged wild animal using GPS and build a device to clean up ocean pollution. Our ingenuity knows no bounds as we invent new solutions and build a better world for all!

Cutting Edge: Paper Science

There’s more to a piece of paper than what’s between the lines. Explore the cool properties and hidden science secrets of a simple sheet of paper. Build a tall tower, create a paper cup chariot, make a ‘surprise’ card for a special somebody, compare the surface areas of different shapes, and design a marble time tracker. You’ll never the see paper the same way again!

Secret Agent Science

Become a science detective who uncovers clues and follows great leads! Gather all the tools and knowledge needed to lift fingerprints, analyze handwriting, track footprints, and extract DNA. With your sharpened skills, you can solve the world’s mysteries!

Super Powers!

Discover the science secrets behind your super hero’s special powers. Shazam… and you learn about potential and kinetic energy. Test your reaction time to see if you are Faster than a Speeding… Create a super hero who uses friction to climb Up, Up, and Away. Experiment with elasticity In a Single Bound and create a Bionic Ear to test your new-found hearing. Enjoy these super science adventures!

Air We GO!

Although you can’t see it, air is all around you; pushing, flowing and moving. Explore ten different activities to find out some of the things that air does. Use air power to make things fly or hover, examine local air samples and experiment with the mighty force of air.

Science in Wonderland

The story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland inspires exploration, curiosity, and adventures in an amazing new world. In this theme experiment with volume at the Tea Party, scale and measurement in the Hall of Doors, and the physics of motion at the Croquet Ground. Inspire your curiosity while exploring Wonderland.

Science Magic

Find out the surprising science secrets behind some of the world’s popular magic tricks. Make a paperclip levitate using magnetic force. Use a wand of static electricity to command a spinning straw and a floating butterfly. Watch as water defies gravity and students perform science magic tricks that will amaze their family and friends!

Gadgets in Motion!

Explore the physics of motion using fun, creative gadgets. Escaping air causes a propeller to spin. A single marble uses momentum to move a mountain of marbles. Straws and paper transform into a launching rocket. Children and parents will look at science in a new way as they explore the way things move!

Adventures with Chemistry – Requires 20 volunteers

Challenge your sense of curiosity as you enter the exciting world of chemistry, where solids change to liquids, mixing is fun, and cooling and heating all affect the world that we live in. Conduct your own chemical reactions using color changing markers. Create a compound to find out how hot and cold packs work. Explore surface tension using the absorbing polymers that are included in diapers and instant snow. Uncover cool mysteries and see how chemistry touches our lives every day!

Toy Box Physics

Did you know that there is science hidden in your toy box? Explore simple machines and other cool concepts as you design a windmill pinwheel, build a springboard catapult, and create a Wibbly Wobbly that uses inertia and momentum to get along!

Oh Seuss!

Do you know the science behind Seuss? Create a kite like Thing 1 and Thing 2 in The Cat and The Hat, construct a periscope to see across the land like Yertle the Turtle, build a maze to explore Oh the Places You’ll Go!, and discover microscopic friends just like Horton in Horton Hears a Who. Explore the crazy contraptions and wacky adventures in these Dr. Seuss books and others!

Amusement Park Science

The spins, drops, and twists of amusement parks have thrilled both kids and adults for ages. But, how often do we take the time to think about the science involved in the loop-de-loops of roller coasters, the vertical motion of the carousel, and the wackiness of Fun Houses? In this family science night theme, children and parents together will explore gravity as they create miniature roller coasters, experience the power of springs as they make their own pinball machines, and test their strength while learning about air and water power.