Virtual Museum – Shadow Drawing

Sunny weather has arrived and everyone is excited to play in the sun, but have you ever played with the sun? Get the sun in on the fun with shadow drawing!


  • Paper
  • Marker, pen, or pencil
  • Any toys or objects that cast shadows


  1. Find a sunny spot inside or outside and set up your paper. (Note: this works best in the morning or afternoon when shadows are longer.)
  2. Place toys or other objects on or near the paper so it is casting a shadow. Try moving and rotating the toy to see how the shadow changes.
  3. Once you like the shadow, trace it!
  4. Get Creative! Try tracing multiple toys on one piece of paper. Color in your artwork or draw a background. If you have chalk, go large-scale and trace a family member’s shadow or have them trace yours on your driveway or sidewalk.