Virtual Museum – Sidewalk Obstacle Course

Get out your wiggles by drawing your very own obstacle course. Create a path down your nearest sidewalk or through your home that prompts jumping, spinning, and stretching. Get creative, then allow others to join in the fun and get moving too. If you create your obstacle course outside you can even motivate your neighbors to participate after you’ve gone back inside. Just because you can’t play next to each other doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun together!


  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Sidewalk
  • Optional alternatives: paper, markers, and tape


  1. Think of some fun moves you’d like to incorporate along your obstacle course. For example: jumping, hopping, following a twisty path, clapping your hands, wiggling your hips, or spinning in a circle! Think of things that fit your activity level and sound fun.
  2. Start your path. What would you like to be the first move? How will you tell people what to do? Will you use pictures, words, or both? Ask an adult or older sibling if you’d like help writing or spelling.
  3. Keep going. Add in as many moves as you’d like. Mix it up. Maybe you already included “jump” but now you also add “hop 3 times” or “jump over this line.”
  4. Finish your obstacle course. How will it end? With a decorated finish line? With an extra special move?
  5. Try your obstacle course and invite your family to try it as well. If it is outside of your house consider leaving it for your neighbors to try after you’re done playing and have gone back inside.

Note: Don’t have chalk or access to space outside to draw your obstacle course? No problem! Just write or draw your prompts on pieces of paper and tape them up along a path in your home or wherever you’d like to play. This way you can even shuffle them to try your path in a different order.