Zoom Zone Artist – Saskia Krafft


Saskia Krafft




Saskia Krafft’s drawings and sculptures are inspired by experiences with nature, adventures while traveling, and the sensation of being in motion. She grew up in Germany and was raised traveling along the Atlantic Coast of France in a VW bus. She has traveled throughout Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. Her detailed drawings are based on extensive field research – collecting plants, drawing animals in their habitat, and writing about each natural site. She translates this research into sculptures using sheet metal and combining delicate plant tracings with references to the human body. Saskia creates a subjective portrait of a place in order to address questions surrounding human’s impact on ecosystems today.

Saskia Krafft holds an MFA in Visual Arts from Columbia University where she studied as a LeRoy Neiman Fellow and German Fulbright Scholar.

D is for Detroit
GuadalajaraG is for Guadalajara
J is for Juneau
Orange CountyO is for Orange County
VancouverV is for Vancouver

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