This page contains quotes and anecdotes that Discovery Youth participants and staff shared.




"At school there are bullies, here there are no bullies"


a: "I'm weird"


b: "Its okay to be weird"


“This is a special place for me”


“I wish school was like this...This program has helped give me the confidence to move from middle school to high school. I won't be afraid of talking to new people."


“Here you can trust somebody. At school even your best friends might talk; here you can tell someone something”


“I am teaching a lot of people a lot of things”


“It’s cool that we have a job even though we’re twelve or thirteen”


“They treat you more like friends; they are still an authority figure but in a nice way. She makes you feel like you can tell her anything.”




“For the older kids, because the topics were so heavy we got into a ‘revolving door’ of discussion and development process, and then didn’t quite have enough time to complete the videos. For example, we had a long discussion about eating disorders, and while we didn’t make a video out of it, we had a very meaningful dialogue. This is a different forum from other places to discuss these things?” - DY Staff member


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