Working in the Zoom Zone


Throughout the course of the year, Discovery Youth worked in CDM's Zoom Zone to explain hands-on activities to younger children and other CDM visitors. They conducted health-based activities such as "Finger Casts" and "Glow Bones" to help children understand the human skeleton.


In Finger Casts, Discovery Youth gave kids the chance to feel lifelike bones and explore what happens when a bone breaks. The DY team put small plaster casts on visitors' fingers, and then wrapped them with medical tape. they then asked the kids what it felt like to have a broken finger.


The Glow Bones activity started around Halloween. The DY participants had younger kids put their hands down on paper. After tracing and painting the hands and fingers, the older kids put the picture under a blacklight that revealed the "bones" of the younger child's hand.


In an interview, one participant said that she enjoys the Zoom Zone because she "feels like I am helping the community and making a difference." This same young person said, "I take teachers more seriously now because I realize how frustrating teaching others can be."


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