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A stimulating mixture of art, math and science…not to mention, FUN!


Are you looking for a way to add an exhibit to your space that is both fun and educational?

Pinscreens ignite curiosity and inspire creativity in children and adults alike. This exhibit is versatile and tactile and will engage visitors in multi-sensory, whole body interaction and playful self-expression.

Worldwide, Pinscreens are a desired choice for museums and designers who wish to create and customize sculpture exhibits.

Contact us today to see how you can give your exhibit floor or company lobby the magic touch with one of our Pinscreen options!

Products created and distributed by Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose.

  • Pinscreen Components

    CONTACTSales Manager 408-673-2822   Pinscreens can be built any size and shape to fit the look and feel of your organization.   CDM sells the components (pins, caps and perforated screen) to build the Pinscreen. You are in control of the design and build of the frame and installing the pins. The “standard” is […] Learn More
  • 2′ x 2′ Complete Pinscreen

    CONTACTSales Manager 408-673-2822 2’ x 2’ Completed unit for SALE Features: A completed 2’x2’ freestanding Pinscreen unit Clear on one side Red on one side (other colors available upon request) 800 additional pins and caps for replacements Highlights: The unit can be mounted to a table or partition or inserted into a wall-What to […] Learn More