We believe play is essential to healthy development and lifelong learning.


  • Art Gallery

    See how individuals, groups, and cultures express themselves through the visual arts. Learn More
  • Art Loft

    Visit our visual arts space, where children create their own artwork in an open-ended format. Learn More
  • Bubbles

    Stretch, shape, study, and blow bubbles of all sizes. See who can create the biggest one with giant bubble rings and catch a falling bubble. Learn More
  • Kids’ Garden

    Venture outside to see what’s sprouting, check out the buzzing bee hive, help with morning chores, or join us for the last hour of the garden-day to water plants. Learn More
  • Kids In Motion

    Find the fun in physical activity. Learn More
  • Mammoth Discovery!

    Put on your goggles, pick up a chisel, and uncover replica mammoth fossils in special dig pits. Learn More
  • Rainbow Market

    Pick out healthy pretend fruits and vegetables from the farmers market, visit the food truck, and prepare your food in the mini kitchen. Learn More
  • Secrets of Circles

    Build an arch bridge, jump inside an authentic Vietnamese round bamboo boat, and balance spinning discs. Play with ratios and get thinking about math, Learn More
  • Streets

    Experience the excitement of a big city in a safe environment. Learn More
  • Theatre

    Join us for a potpourri of performing arts experiences including drop-in workshops, live performances, and films. Learn More
  • WaterWays

    You’ll wonder at the fascinating properties of this everyday liquid. Learn More
  • Wonder Cabinet

    Engage in hands-on exploration in an environment rich in materials and textures to inspire curiosity and imagination. In our early learning laboratory for those ages four and under, young children explore in a safe and stimulating setting. Learn More
  • West Wing Changing Exhibits

    Find out what’s happening in our West Wing Gallery. Learn More