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Spotlight on Amazing AirMaze



Current Exhibits

  • Amazing AirMaze!

    A two-story exhibit exploring the power of air Learn More
  • Art Gallery

    See how individuals, groups, and cultures express themselves through the visual arts. Learn More
  • The LeRoy Neiman Art Studio

    Visit our visual arts space, where children create their own artwork in an open-ended format. Learn More
  • Bill’s Backyard

    Discover the natural world as you have fun scaling the Tree Climber, scurrying through the tunnel to the LookOut Tower, and scooping gravel, sand, and dirt in the Dig Pit. Learn More
  • Bubbles

    Stretch, shape, study, and blow bubbles of all sizes. See who can create the biggest one with giant bubble rings and catch a falling bubble. Learn More
  • Mammoth Discovery!

    Put on your goggles, pick up a chisel, and uncover replica mammoth fossils in special dig pits. Learn More
  • Rainbow Market

    Pick out healthy pretend fruits and vegetables from the farmers market, visit the food truck, and prepare your food in the mini kitchen. Learn More
  • Secrets of Circles

    Build an arch bridge, jump inside an authentic Vietnamese round bamboo boat, and balance spinning discs. Learn More
  • Streets

    Experience the excitement of a big city in a safe environment. Learn More
  • Theatre

    Join us for a potpourri of performing arts experiences including drop-in workshops, live performances, and films. Learn More
  • WaterWays

    You’ll wonder at the fascinating properties of this everyday liquid. Learn More
  • Imagination Playground

    Find out what’s happening in our West Wing Gallery. Learn More
  • Wonder Cabinet

    Engage in hands-on exploration in an environment rich in materials and textures to inspire curiosity and imagination. In our early learning laboratory for those ages four and under, young children explore in a safe and stimulating setting. Learn More
  • Thomas & Friends®: Explore the Rails

      Non-Member Reservations January 28 – May 14, 2023 Exhibit fosters STEM literacy in young learners The world’s most beloved blue engine rolls into the Museum through May 14. Test mathematical thinking, make comparisons, problem-solve and experiment with Thomas & Friends, the STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Math)-focused exhibit for young children and families. Surround […] Learn More