Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: If I pay for admission to the Museum, can I use the cost of admission to help purchase a membership?

A: Yes, bring your receipt to the Admissions desk that same day. Admission for up to two adults and their children can be applied toward the cost of membership (applies only to the admission paid for those who will be on the membership.)

Q: How often may I visit?

A: With a current membership you may visit as often as you like!

Q: How long is my membership valid?

A: One full year from the date of purchase.

Q: How many people, and who, can receive free admission using my membership?

A: Memberships are intended one per nuclear family. Sharing memberships between families is prohibited. Memberships are non-transferable.

Memberships are for one household comprised of up to two adults and their children or grandchildren.

Contributing Members may designate one named adult caregiver for the sole purpose of bringing your children to the Museum. Infants under the age of one-year are free.

Families found sharing a membership will have their membership cancelled without refund.

Want to bring up to two guests each time you visit? Consider upgrading to our Developer’s Circle.

Q: If I purchase a membership online, how soon can I visit?

A: Your membership is activated the moment you complete the purchase. Just print out the auto-response e-mail or bring it up on your smart phone, and show it at the admissions desk.

Q: Will I need to present a photo ID along with my membership card at admissions?

A: Yes.

Q: Are there days/weeks the Museum is closed?

A: The Museum is open an average 335 days per year, including weekends and holidays. We are closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and most Mondays during the school year. In addition, the Museum generally closes one to three weeks during the year for refurbishment. Check our calendar to be sure about a specific date. At a Glance Calendar

Q: Is my membership reciprocal with any other museums?

A: It depends on the level of membership you purchase.

Basic levels (Family and Grandparent)

No reciprocal benefits. If you would like reciprocal benefits, consider upgrading to one of our Contributing levels. Memberships

Contributing levels (Explorer’s Circle, Developer’s Circle, Partner’s Circle and Leader’s Circles)

Yes, here’s how it works:

Contributing members receive 50% off general admission for up to six (6) at children’s museums participating in the ACM Reciprocal Network. Additional visitors must pay current admission price. No local admission restrictions.

Please note: When visiting museums participating in the ACM Reciprocal Network, you will need to show your valid membership card (must have an ACM sticker) and photo id.

Q: What happens if I submit my membership for a matching gift?

A: As soon as the Museum receives confirmation of the pending match from your employer or an email copy of your match submittal confirmation, your membership will jump to the next benefit level, please allow 2 business days for the jump. Email the copy of the match submittal confirmation to

Q: May I upgrade my membership in the middle of the year?

A: Yes, you may upgrade at any time at the Admissions desk or over the phone by contacting our Membership Coordinator. The expiration date remains the same. Please note the membership office is closed on weekends and holidays.

Q: Is my membership refundable?

A: No.

Q: Are memberships valid on group field trips?

A: Memberships are not valid on group rate (field trip) visits.  Group rate is not applicable towards membership.

Q: My membership card has been lost or stolen, how do I get a replacement?

A: There is a $5 replacement card fee. To obtain a replacement card contact our Membership Coordinator during business hours, or fill out an “action request” form at the admissions desk on your next visit.

Q: I have a new caregiver, how do I go about changing my 3rd adult cardholder?

A: There is a $20 name change fee. To change your 3rd cardholder, contact our Membership Coordinator during business hours or fill out an “action request” form at the admissions desk on your next visit. Please note you will be asked to turn in your current membership cards and will be issued a new set of membership cards.

Q: I work for a Corporate Partner of the Museum, what do I need to show in order to purchase a Corporate Family or Corporate Grandparent membership?

A: Your name badge, business card or insurance card, basically anything that shows you are an employee of the Corporate Partner. If you are purchasing your membership online, you are required to provide us the name of the Corporate Partner for whom you work and your business phone number.

Q: How is my email address used?

A: Email addresses are kept strictly confidential.  Your email address will be used for the sole purposes of emailing you instructions for downloading your digital eMembership card and communications from Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose.

Q: Are memberships valid for special events/programs?

A: Memberships are not valid for special events or programs (examples: Member benefits are not valid for attendees of Birthday Party Program, Play Your Way or Facility Rental)