Be inspired watching child and youth performers, interacting with professional artists, and exploring self-expression through a variety of experiential opportunities.

Experience the Performing Arts

Our performance spaces are forums for authentic performing arts, including, dance, theatre, music, film, and cultural festivals. Performances celebrate the rich diversity of culture present in Silicon Valley and have included Mexican folklorico groups, Vietnamese musicians, Tahitian dancers, and Japanese taiko drumming. As venues for community and youth performers, our indoor and outdoor theatres support community performing groups and foster the development of student artists. Childhood is the perfect time to reinforce the value of artistic processes as young children are more able than adults to express non-censored emotions. Theatre experiences teach creative problem-solving skills, new ways of thinking and using one’s body, and pre-literacy skills. In short, participation in the performing arts can enhance children’s self-confidence, improve their academic abilities, and give them valuable life skills. Interactive performances and workshops encourage children to stretch their imaginations and explore the ways in which they can use their voices and bodies to communicate. Acting allows children to transform life from how things really are to how they want them to be and gives them a different way to process their thoughts and emotions. When children improvise together, they practice taking another’s perspective; cooperating as they share ideas; and negotiating roles and use of props.

  • Lee & Diane Brandenburg Theatre

    The Lee and Diane Brandenburg Theatre is an intimate 40 x 40 sq. ft. indoor black box space that fosters connections between children and performers. Learn More
  • Cadence Amphitheatre

    Cadence Amphitheatre is a beautiful outdoor venue with two stages and state-of-the-art audio/lighting capabilities within an 8,600 sq. ft. courtyard. Learn More
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