Rainbow Market

Role-play a day of living healthy in our market environment.

Please note: our popular Corn Husk Doll station is currently closed due to COVID, but will be back soon.

Visit the market and select fresh produce. Get behind the wheel of the big blue food truck, or take orders at the counter using the cash register and play pizza oven.

You’ll have the chance to prepare a healthy imaginary meal, and practice good stewardship when you find out a creative way to use corn husks.

You and your family can vote for your favorite non-sugary drinks at the penny vote station, and bring home new meal ideas from our community recipe-sharing kiosk.



Eat a Rainbow Every Day

Children and families learn to keep healthy by eating a “rainbow” of five or more different-colored fruits and vegetables every day, and remembering to drink more water, and less soda and sugary drinks.

Children have fun as they practice selecting, preparing, and eating fresh, healthy foods in a farmer’s market environment. Family members join in the preparations and enjoy creatively prepared pretend meals around café tables or at benches in a simulated park environment. Or the faux fresh produce can be taken home to be prepared and served in a mini-kitchen.

Making corn husk dolls offers the opportunity to participate in a Northeast Native American cultural tradition that demonstrates the creative re-use of the non-edible portion of an ear of corn. Pre-soaked cornhusks and basic directions are provided to support the visitors’ handiwork.

Cornhusk dolls reflected the individual culture, clothing, and resources of a particular Native American tribe. Both boys and girls played with figures made from this essential Iroquois crop. Children learn this beloved cultural tradition, and see that art can be functional as well as beautiful. By creating a cornhusk doll, children come to understand one of the many ways that children of long ago were just like themselves.

Traditionally, Native American children created their dolls’ clothing to match their own. Watch a video and learn to construct your own cornhusk doll at the special activity table. Bring home your very own make-and-take cornhusk doll. Once home, you may be inspired to embellish your doll with clothing, jewelry, shoes, or hair made from common craft items such as, yarn, buttons, glitter, and paint.

Remember to keep physically active, too. Run, walk, jump, swim or play for one hour or more per day. Cut back on television and video. Check out exhibits that keep you active during your visit at the Museum.

Rainbow Market supports the Museum’s strategic commitment to Childhood Obesity Prevention

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