Amazing AirMaze!



Amazing AirMaze!
A new two-story exhibit exploring the power of air

More tubes, more air, more fun!

Whoosh! Swoosh! Wow! Marvel at the way air blasts colorful objects through a massive maze of curvy tubes. Test, tinker, and manipulate to see how fast different objects travel through the pneumatic paths. Think like a scientist, test a hypothesis, then test again. You and your little one will be enthralled and amazed as you explore airflow and air pressure.

This large open-ended pneumatic air exhibit invites you to experiment with the tremendous power of air. Make predictions, test theories, and solve problems. Practice your engineering and teamwork skills!

Amazing AirMaze encourages children and their adults to play together, work together, and solve challenges. This super fun sensory experience for children appeals to a wide range of abilities and supports eye-hand coordination, spatial skills, visual tracking, and sequencing.

The young scientists we encourage today will become confident adults and tomorrow’s visionaries and STEAM workforce.

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* The Amazing AirMaze has been modified to meet new safety standards. MERV 15 filters have been installed in the system’s blower boxes.