Virtual Museum – Color Mixing for the Senses

Learn all about color mixing in this squishy, fun, color mixing activity that will engage your senses! This is a no-mess, no-stress way to learn all about how layering primary colors can create a brand new color. Just hold your zip-top bags with paint to the window and make new colors appear in front of your eyes!


  • Primary color paint (red, yellow, blue)
  • Zip-top bags
  • Tape


  1. Put a large dollop of paint into three separate zip-top bags (yellow in one bag, red in another, and blue in the third). Remove as much air as possible and securely zip the bags shut.
  2. Tape the bags to a window for light to shine through them or work on a light colored surface at a table. Keep in mind when choosing your location that paint could escape the bag, so plan accordingly. Tape the bags shut more securely if desired.
  3. Spread the paint across the bags with your hands. How does it feel? Does it look different in places where the paint is thinner?
  4. Move the bags around to start layering colors. When you put yellow on top of red, what do you see? If you squish the paint around in the bags more, does it look more orange?
  5. Now try mixing directly in a bag! Which color combination was your favorite? Put a little of each of those two colors in one bag and start squishing. When the colors meet, what happens?
  6. When you’re done experimenting with color, try drawing in the paint with your finger. Drag your index finger along the bag to create lines and curves. Can you make a fun pattern? Can you draw a circle? Can you write a letter?