Virtual Museum – Nature Collage Suncatcher


Take a nature walk and collect materials to create a suncatcher!


  • Paper plate
  • Natural items: flowers, leaves, sticks, etc
  • Packing tape or transparent contact paper
  • Yarn or ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Optional: a basket or bag for nature walk; a crayon or marker for decoration


  1. Explore your backyard or neighborhood and collect natural objects such as flowers, leaves and/or sticks.
  2. Cut a large hole in the center of the paper plate to create a frame.
  3. Cut and place the packing tape to cover the hole, sticky side facing up.
  4. If you use the contact paper instead of tape, cut it into 2 squares just larger than the hole you cut out of your paper plate. Stick one of the pieces on the back of the plate, sticky side facing up.
  5. Arrange what you found on your nature walk in the center of your plate on the sticky side of the tape / contact paper to make a design.
  6. Protect and hold your design in place by covering it with packing tape or the second square of contact paper, sticky side down.
  7. Tape a piece of ribbon or yarn to the top of the paper plate frame for hanging.


  • What colors are the flowers you found? Do any of them have the same color?
  • What shapes are the leaves you found?
  • How many things did you collect?


  • Children learn important math concepts as they compare how objects are similar and different from each other.
  • When you allow your child to decide where to place the objects on their suncatcher, it helps build their self-confidence by encouraging them to make their own decisions.
  • Counting as well as naming colors and shapes helps to develop a child’s vocabulary.


Turn your nature walk into a scavenger hunt. Challenge your child to look for colors, shapes or textures while you are outside.