Virtual Museum – Nature Painting

Choose your own adventure in this painting with nature experience! Escape from the heat and have a quiet moment indoors painting on construction paper and cardboard, or embrace the sun and paint a large-scale water mural on the sidewalk outside. Consider getting creative with your paintbrushes and make your own out of found natural objects. What patterns do the leaves or flowers around you make when you use them like a paintbrush? On a hot day you might soon find your art has disappeared! Time to start the adventure again!


Options for your “canvas”:

  • Colorful construction paper
  • Cardboard
  • Sidewalk/driveway

Options for your “paint brushes”:

  • Paintbrushes of any size
  • Cotton balls (works best on paper/cardboard)
  • String or rubber bands and sticks, leaves, flowers, etc.
  • Scissors

Supplies for your “paint”:

  • Cup or bowl
  • Water


  1. Choose your “canvas.” Will you be painting on colorful paper, cardboard, or the sidewalk?
  2. Pick your “paint brushes.” Choose a few types of paintbrushes to experiment with — whether they are store-bought paintbrushes, cotton balls, or homemade brushes using natural objects.
  3. To create nature paint brushes, find some flowers, leaves, etc. If needed, use string or a rubber band to attach each item to a stick to create a handle.
  4. Prepare your “paint.” Add water to a cup or bowl.
  5. “Paint!” Watch as the water creates patterns of darker coloring everywhere you paint. What different patterns or pictures can you make? How do your different paint brushes work? Can you finger paint with water? What happened to the first thing you painted? Did it disappear? Keep experimenting!