Virtual Museum – Pressed Flower Art

Time is positively flying by, and it is springtime already! The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, so let’s make art about it. Celebrate the changing seasons by keeping a memento of these warm and sunny days — pressed flower art. No matter what season it is, you’ll have a little bit of spring to warm your spirits.


  • Fresh flowers
  • Parchment or waxed paper
  • A weight for the press, such as a heavy book (or a stack of them!)
  • Paper (construction, printer, art paper all work)
  • Glue


  1. Gather ye rosebuds, or really any flowers. The best flowers for pressing are freshly picked and in full bloom. The flatter the head (e.g. yarrow, nasturtiums, daisies), the easier it will be to press. If you want to try for a rose or tulip or another bulky flower, you may need to cut it down the middle to flatten it out.
  2. While you prep your materials, put your flowers in a vase and add a little flower food or sugar to keep them bright and perky.
  3. Put the flower on a sheet of parchment paper, and then cover it up with a second sheet.
  4. Place a large and heavy book (or books!) on top to flatten. Be sure the parchment paper covers up the flower to avoid making a mess.
  5. Now we wait. It takes 2-3 weeks for the flowers to fully dry, but you can check on it from time to time to see how the process is going. What do you notice day by day? Is the color changing? What about the texture?
  6. Wow, has it been 3 weeks already? Crazy how the time flies. Take the parchment paper out from under the books and inspect the pressed and dried flowers! Use tweezers to gently remove the flowers. (Adults, you may need to help with this step.)
  7. Put the pressed flower onto a paper that you like — construction paper, any type of art paper, or even printer paper — and arrange the flowers into a pretty design. When you are happy with your arrangement, glue the flower onto the paper. Use a book to give it another quick press.
  8. You’re done! Frame your floral decoration masterpiece and display it in your home!