Virtual Museum – Shapes Are Everywhere


Shapes are everywhere!

Look around you – shapes are everywhere! From the rectangle that forms a picture frame to the circle that forms the drain cover in your bathroom sink, almost every object is a shape. Learn about the characteristics of particular shapes and then go on a scavenger hunt to find objects with those shapes around your home!






  1. Explore and identify different shapes with the “Shapes Are Everywhere: Shape Guide” (page 2) from this activity sheet.
  2. Work with your child to cut out the shapes from the guide and place each one into a paper bag or container.
  3. Decide on an area for your scavenger hunt. Would you like to search your entire home, a particular room, or an area outside? We suggest choosing one area first.
  4. Close your eyes, reach into the bag or container, and pull out one shape. This will be the first shape you look for on your scavenger hunt.
  5. Look around your designated area. How many objects can you find with that shape? Mark that number on your tally sheet.
  6. Repeat the same process for each of the shapes (if all 6 is too much, choose a fewer number of shapes to search for).
  7. Count how many objects you found for each shape.


  • Which shape did you find the most of?
  • Which shape was the hardest to find?
  • Did you see any other shapes that were not on our list?


  • Introduces and reinforces geometric shape recognition of squares, circles, rectangles, triangles, ovals and diamonds
  • Develops observational and critical thinking skills
  • Develops classification skills


What other shapes can you find? Maybe a star or a hexagon? Try looking for shapes in different areas, such as outside at a park or even the grocery store. Turn adult errands into a game by using this activity to occupy your young child. Ask your child to predict which shape they think they will find the most of during their scavenger hunt.