Virtual Museum – Skele-fun with Skeletons!

Did you know that you have a skeleton inside your hand? Wiggle your fingers, can you feel the bones? What if you could see them too? Use colorful paint to draw your bones on your hand. It takes a lot of tiny bones to help our amazing hands move!


  • X-rays or illustrations of hands from the internet
  • Paint and paintbrush (or washable markers)*

*Note: This will be used to paint your hands, so use washable and skin-safe paint or ink.


  1. Talk about bones. Where have you seen bones? Did you know you have bones inside of you?
  2. Take a look at your hands. Can you see the bones? Feel each finger. Do you notice how the knuckles are bigger and the spaces in between the knuckles are smaller? The knuckles are the places where two different bones meet or join.
  3. Imagine your own skeleton. How many bones do you think you have in your hand? What might your hand look like on an X-ray? Look online for an X-ray or illustration of a hand. Does it look like you imagined it? Did it have the same number of bones? More? See if you can count all 27 little bones in your hand.
  4. Try painting each individual bone on your hand. Now that you know what the inside of your hand looks like, you can use paint or washable markers to paint each individual bone.