Virtual Museum – Treasure Maps

Have you ever looked at Google maps? Or tried to use a map to find a hidden treasure? Have you borrowed a Museum map to find your way to your favorite exhibit? You don’t have to go far to make use of a map — create one of your own at home with clues to help your family find a hidden treasure!


  • Paper
  • Writing utensils
  • A “hidden treasure” to hide
  • Optional: Various types of maps to use as inspiration


  1. Look together at maps. Find ones you have around the house, or look online. Try to find different map features like the legend (where symbols are defined) and look at the way that roads, mountains, and rivers are represented. What symbols will you use? How will you draw topographical details?
  2. Draw a map of a room in your house. Choose important objects in the room to feature on your map, like the couch, the table, a rug or a chair.
  3. Hide your treasure. Make a mark on your map to show where you hid it.
    Use your map! See if your family member can find the hidden treasure using your map.
  4. Want more? Draw a map of your whole house, yard or neighborhood and hide the treasure. Make treasure maps of imaginary places too!