Reviews and Testimonials

"We went recently after they opened their indoor capacity. Their cleaning processes are spot on. There is staff sanitizing each exhibit very frequently. There are clear signs for how many families are allowed per area. I feel confident bringing my kids again." –Sonali

"…We greatly appreciate all you guys have done to open safely for us!" –Kristine

"Transitioning to a new normal that is safe and fun. We'll definitely be back for more fun. Thank you CDM!" –S.W.

"We really want to thank CDM for allowing us and many other families to visit Bill's Backyard last weekend. Our son had so much fun. We saw how diligent your staff was in ensuring a safe and fun environment. Thank you for continuing to be a special part of our community, given these insane times!" –Jenny

"First day post-COVID reopening and had an incredible time with my family! Our 2.5 year old loved it and had an absolutely blast. The team was also conscious of continuously sanitizing surfaces as people moved from station to station. Will definitely be going back very soon!" –Mark

"Excellent place for children. There are plenty of things to do in Bill's Backyard. Families were respectful of the rules, wearing masks, social distancing and using purell. Lots of activities here. It was so much fun for my 20 month old granddaughter. She was to go to preschool in September but because of Covid, she could not. Bill's Backyard provides lots for her to do and introduces her to many opportunities to learn about her environment. The staff was helpful and friendly." –G.C.

"Wonderful experience all around! Covid protocol, activities, time frames, staff, etc. All around a 5 star experience!" –Tobruk

"We visited the museum on Apr 2 - the first day of its opening after the pandemic. It was the best experience!! We missed the museum very much and my boys had a blast. And at the same time the whole experience felt very safe. The museum staff took great care to limit # of visitors, sanitize and help folks maintain distance. This was exactly what our family needed after a crazy 2020! Thank you staff!!" –Shruti

"Impressed with the cleaning/sanitizing measures and very pleased with how friendly the staff were. Thank you! Will definitely be purchasing a membership if available!"

"My favorite thing about the CDM is that it's a safe place where my child can freely play. She can make her own choices. I know it’s a safe place." –Tracy

"Everything is cleaned and wiped down regularly. Plenty of signs and reminders to socially distance and put away dirty/touched objects to maintain cleanliness. We had a great experience."

"My two kids and I had a happy and safe time at the Children's Discovery Museum this past weekend. My kids (3 and 6) played with great zest. All the activities were set up so that one family could do them at a time. Equipment that was used was placed in a dirty bin to be cleaned. Staff walked around the outdoor area spot cleaning high touch areas throughout our 2 hr stay. We look forward to going back." –Robin

"My kid had lots of fun. With proper social distancing all COVID related guidelines were in place."

"We came to visit during COVID-19. It is clean and safe for my boys. This is their first time to play in the public during pandemic since March. Make sure you reserve the ticket online first." –Pei

"I am so glad that the Children's Discovery Museum has reopened and can't wait to go back!"

"We enjoy CDM's commitment to children's education and safety at their facilities. What has excited us most about our recent visits to the museum have been the social distancing reminders and the strict enforcement of MASKS …

We have happily shared our recent Bill’s Backyard experiences with other families and let them know how impressed and reassured we are by CDM's efforts.
Please continue to provide your employees with the support, training and encouragement they need to enforce mask compliance. Our family struggles to find public parks where visitors are following health guidelines, we are happy to pay CDM for a safe place to play regardless of how many new or existing exhibits are available …" –Susan