Virtual Museum – Nature Sculptures

Have you ever wanted to make your own sculpture? You don’t have to be Auguste Rodin, Anish Kapoor, or Louise Bourgeois to be a sculptor! You can use materials readily available in your garden, neighborhood, and local park to design a nature sculpture. These sculptures can be glued together to keep for posterity, or stacked into a temporary art piece that you can disassemble and start again with new creativity from scratch. Happy creating!


Any natural materials available near you! Ideas include:

  • Rocks and/or pebbles
  • Twigs and/or small branches
  • Leaves of all varieties
  • Tree cookies
  • Your favorite flowers
  • Sand
  • Moss


  1. Collect your favorite natural materials. Where did you find them? What colors do you like best? What are the different textures?
  2. Create your design! Here are some guiding questions to inspire you:
    1. Do you like architecture? Perhaps you could use sticks and twigs to create a structure and take on a natural materials engineering challenge.
    2. What do you know about henges? Learn about the most famous of them — Stonehenge — and use rocks to create your own henge!
    3. Have you heard of cairns before? They are stacked rock sculptures. How many rocks can you stack in a row?
    4. If you like classic sculptures, what are some ways to create a person out of natural materials?
    5. What about a natural mandala, creating a pattern on the floor that spreads out from the center?
    6. What appeals to you?
  3. Take it apart and keep making new art! How many ways can you combine your materials to create new sculptures? Be sure to take pictures of your creations!